Nicole Star Crossed Lovers - Mia Shales
  • Author: Mia Shales
  • Language: English
  • Category: סיפורת, רומנים, ספרות נשים


A story of love without boundaries

Romance, excitement, love and friendship in this captivating story of dreams come true

Eight years after Daniel Miller shattered Nicole's heart, he comes back into her life in a whirlwind of passion. Nicole, beautiful and talented, has managed with great effort to rebuild her life in Cairns – a resort town on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. He is now a world renowned movie producer and very quickly Nicole finds that her attraction for Daniel has not died but is stronger than ever. Nicole fights the old-new feelings he stirs up in her, while he is determined to tear down the defensive walls she has built around herself. Will Nicole manage to forget the past? Can Nicole and Daniel revive their miraculous love?Mia Shales transports her readers over space and time, from the golden beaches of Australia to exotic Pacific islands to New York City in her magical and unforgettable tale.

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