Mission: Tehran - A Mossad Special Agent Thriller
  • Author: Charlie Wolfe
  • Language: English
  • Category: מתח, מסתורין, פשע

Mission: Tehran – A Mossad Special Agent Thriller

Acting Mossad Chief David Avivi faces a new nuclear threat from democracy’s greatest enemy, in the newest installment of this white-knuckle suspense series.

The trade sanctions imposed by the US and the West are crippling Iran’s economy. The high living costs and the staggering unemployment rate have led to widespread social unrest, only to be swiftly and ruthlessly crushed under the heels of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

To save their crumbling regime from succumbing to the demands of western powers, the Iranian leadership adopts a daring plan – a sophisticated disinformation campaign designed to intimidate world leaders into submission. As both the White House and UN are dumbfounded in the face of a new nuclear threat, David Avivi moves to formulate a response. Battle-hardened from years of service, Avivi has only so much time before the atomic clock strikes midnight, with one standing question at the heart of the operation:

Is the Iranian threat a bluff, or is nuclear war truly imminent?

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