Mission Patriot
  • Author: Charlie Wolfe
  • Language: English
  • Category: מתח, מסתורין, פשע

Mission Patriot: A Thrilling Chase After a Lethal Assassin By a Mossad Agent

They are disappearing at an alarming speed…

A series of hits on Iranian nuclear scientists, launch a new confrontation between Israel and Iran, who blames the Mossad for the assassination of the scientists.

As a response, the Ayatollah regime In Iran decides to get back and go for where it hurts most – innocent, Israeli citizens.

Disturbed and baffled, the Head of the Mossad tries to understand who is behind the escalation. He gives his best agent, David Avivi, the mission.

Together with his team, Avivi tries to track down the mysterious assassin and stop the cycle of bloodshed between the two countries before they reach the point of no return.

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