Miss Perfect & Tiny Tail

Lily’s “perfect” older sister and pesky younger one really know how to make her furious!

This is a humorous story about Lily, a cheerful, mischievous girl of almost 11 with red hair and many freckles. Her life revolves around her beautiful, organized older sister, whom she calls “Miss Perfect,” and her slightly annoying younger sister, “Tiny Tail,” who follows her everywhere. After a fight with “Miss” and “Tail,” Lily turns to her secret diary and writes down all her angry, insulted feelings.

Thank goodness for her two best friends and her handsome boyfriend!

Lily has two best friends, a boyfriend she loves, and a very naughty dog. Shirley has a small stub nose and longish curls. Michelle is so neat that after a game of hopscotch her black hair is still combed. Tom is the best-looking boy in the class with brown smiling eyes and brown hair.

Can the sisters stop those awful family plans to move to the city?

One day Lily’s mother announces that at the end of the summer they will have to move from the country to the big city, for father’s new job. The three sisters do everything they can to prevent it from happening. Will they succeed?

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