• Author: Aharon Aspis
  • Language: English
  • Category: עסקים, עזרה עצמית והדרכה

Fractions And Percentages

Your safest way to success in mathematics

Students – and even teachers – experience difficulty with grasping fractions and percentages. Now, there is an easy way to understand fractions and percentages and even use it in everyday life!

Fractions and percentages easily explained and practiced.

From the acclaimed teacher and writer Aharon Aspis comes a successful book presenting simple and clear explanations, accompanied by examples, exercises and exemplified solutions. The book composes of six chapters, targeting all essential elements of the topic, including: simple fractions, fractions inequality, ratio, the decimal system, percentage in problem solving and the use of an adjustment table. Exercises are ranked and presented by difficulty to allow full immersion.

With these amazingly comprehensive step-by-step explanations, any parent and teacher can help children in understanding Fractions and Percentages.

Aharon Aspis is the author of over twenty mathematics books, which revolutionized mathematic teaching in Israel. His vast experience in Math teaching and unique pedagogical approach, together with uncompromising professionality, made his books a wide success. Aspis’ books are famous for making mathematics accessible and allowing independent learning.

All in one:

Precise, simple and clear explanations.

Required skills and knowhow for efficient and problem free solving various problems.

heaps of exercises with explained solutions.

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