Massive Attack
  • Author: Dana Arama
  • Language: English
  • Category: מתח, מסתורין, פשע

Massive Attack

He is the man who makes bad guys disappear, but what happens when he desperately needs to make a person reappear?

After ten years of intensive work in the Israeli Mossad, Guy Niava decides to retire. He goes to stay with his brother’s family, where he becomes the confidante of his adolescent nephew, Jonathan.

However, his peaceful holiday is unexpectedly disrupted when computer-loving Jonathan infiltrates the wrong system and vanishes without a trace. Jonathan’s disappearance throws Guy’s life into disarray, and circumstances draw him back into the very organization he chose to leave.

As the investigation progresses, the gravity of the disaster becomes clearer. The disappearance is anything but random. It has been carefully orchestrated by a sophisticated terror group that is planning a massive attack on US soil.

Guy is joined on his rescue mission by two women. Laura, a representative of the US government, and Zoro, who has a shady past. Both promise to return Jonathan safe and sound from the kidnappers’. However, Guy is about to realize that the two women are not there by chance. They share a past rivalry, presently they have open intentions, yet hidden and contradictory objectives for the future.

Will Guy win the race against the ticking clock, prevent the attack, and save Jonathan’s life? Or will the women at his side betray him for their own interests?

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