• Author: Martin Sherwood
  • Language: ENGLISH
  • Category: מתח, מסתורין, פשע

Marked to Die

Can a deathly ill young woman possibly be connected to a psychopathic killer and all those bodies?

Oneg has it all; good looks, a loving family, and a profession she adores. One day her pampered world collapses as she contracts a rare life-threatening drug side-effect. Her health rapidly deteriorates – She is put on a respirator, in strict isolation, awaiting a bone marrow transplant. Then a psychopathic killer with an avenging guitar comes to her rescue, crooning that NOTHING will stop him from saving Oneg. Exsanguinated corpses of prominent surgeons start to emerge in unexpected places, the last barely alive – naked and delirious, tied to a tree. Detective Ramzi Issa and his team are at a loss.

Deep, dark secrets . . . heinous deeds of long ago . . .

Oneg's young and fearless sister, Erga, starts digging into the mysterious link between the doctors and her beloved sis, leading her to dangerous secrets originating at a Tel Aviv University medical school party thirty years before. This medical thriller takes the reader to a horrible past cover-up that returns to haunt everyone involved, blending the hospital ICU, together with tissue lab, blood bank, and hidden identities.

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