Majestic Mandalas Adult Coloring Book

This adult coloring book has over 30 unique and creative mandalas, originally designed by the artist Orna Ben-Shoshan to give you the best coloring experience.

When we color a line illustration, we make it our own.

The coloring process becomes even more relaxing and therapeutic when we color mandalas. When we work with mandalas, either drawing or coloring them, we take part in an evolving story that starts from a center and spreads out to the margins. The center of the mandala represents the core, the central point of our being, and the margins represent the external shields that cover it. We need the marginal elements to face the outside world.

This calming creative activity helps us connect with our own energetic center, and therefore, to our true selves. As we do so, we forget the background "noises" and have the opportunity to get into a meditative and serene state of mind.

Therefore, coloring mandalas is a super addictive activity with vibrant and playful results!

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