Last Call for Earth

Last Call for Earth

This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang – but with a report.

If you ask God, project Genesis isn’t coming along great. Mankind is too busy destroying nature, trying to kill one another, and performing mass extinction instead of enjoying what he gave them; It’s a catastrophe! So, God in his wisdom contemplates what every project manager does when a project is derailed beyond saving: Shelve the whole thing and start again from scratch. But first he has to deal with a pesky (yet charming) devil, the spiritual incarnations of time, and his mortal wife and son, who would like to see him home by dinner.

If you ask the Devil, however, project Genesis is coming along splendidly. Now that chas proven they were better left on the cutting-room floor, it’s time to convince the Almighty to correct his Divine Mistake and scrap the whole thing! If only everyone saw things his way…

Will mankind live to see a happy ending? Only God knows.

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