Just people
  • Author: Paul Usiskin
  • Language: Engliah
  • Category: מתח, מסתורין, פשע

Just people

He thought he’d seen everything.

But his new investigation tells him otherwise.

In the third Chizzik Saga, Dov Chizzik, head of the Justice Ministry’s Police Investigations, meets his most complex investigation yet.

He must rescue the government from a violent threat to its authority, days before a crucial election.

Four Palestinians take over the home of an Israeli family in a non-violent role play and force them to live in a tent in their back yard for a week, with minimal food and water.

This sparks a series of brutal revenge kidnappings and murders. Dov must discover the mastermind behind them, and find the perpetrators, to save seven young Palestinian hostages.

But his mission comes at a heavy price.

The two people he loves and cares for the most, become targets.

And the stakes get higher.

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