INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS – Verbal & Non-Verbal Business Communication

Brand a personal image across the globe

International Business Language (IBL) Code is a premier guide for executives, businesspeople, politicians, celebrities, diplomats, and more seeking to brand a personal image across the globe.Let yourself be understood and appreciated with the help of the IBL Code.

Tami Lancut Leibovitz assists you in your effort to get to know the cultural traditions of foreign countries, you can systematically learn the International Business Language Code of success by using the complete IBL Code series:

Part 1 – The Basic Concepts of Multicultural World

Part 2 – The Wisdom of Networking

Part 3 – Verbal & Non-Verbal Business Communication

Part 4 – The International Business Dress Code

Part 5 – Formal & Informal Hosting Skills

Part 6 – Protocol, Etiquette and Business Culture

Part 7 – Media Communication and Public Performance

Part 8 – Practical Guide to Local Business Culture Per Country

Part 3 – Verbal & Non-Verbal Business Communication

In this Part, we will equip the reader with the tools and techniques that answer the need for rapid transfer of information including written, verbal, or formally presented. We will provide you with tools for both verbal and nonverbal interpersonal communication that will enable initial contact – crucial in itself – and also help to continue the process of communication with potential colleagues.

How to do it? The answer lies in developing interpersonal communication, raising it to new and unprecedented levels that bridge gaps of culture or language. We will provide you with the tools and skills required for interpersonal communication, starting with decoding the messages encrypted in body language. We will help you understand that you must aspire to communication that produces a preliminary emotional business link, which arouses and excitement beyond words and body language. We will help you understand the physiology behind the impression received by others, as well as the range of messages hidden and encoded in body language. We will focus on the physical means used to transmit a message, from the intensity of the voice and its tone, to how the person smiles and makes eye contact.

A must-have book

This is a must-have book for entrepreneurs, investors, executives, and fundraisers, as well as politicians, diplomats, celebrities, and anyone who wants to understand the inner workings of foreign countries.

Tami Lancut Leibovitz founded the International Institute for Image, Communication, and Etiquette in Business, Society, and Politics. As an advisor to public figures, senior executives, and diplomats, with thirty years of experience, Tami’s books have become mandatory reading for people in business, media, and the public arena. IBL Code is a product of life-long, international expertise in the management of personal image branding.

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