• Author: Noga Niv
  • Language: ENGLISH
  • Category: רומנים, ספרות נשים

Inside The Bubble

A dramatic encounter between five women set against the backdrop of the hi-tech industry in Silicon Valley and it’s grand economic collapse.

Daniela is a psychologist in her forties , leading a grey life within the social enclave of Israeli émigré in the Silicon Valley. When she meets four woman friends from her home country, she is faced with disturbing suspicions and doubts that will leave their mark on her personal and professional life.

˃˃˃ A nuanced contemporary drama of adultery, envy rivalry and greed.

Relocated to California on account of their husbands – chief high-tech executives in the Silicon Valley, Daniela, Gaby, Mika, Ghila and Anita move back and forth between the worlds of past and present, California and Israel, adulthood and childhood.

˃˃˃ Five women in parallel moments speak in clear, distinct and often contrasting voices about their secrets, their desires and their life decisions.

Secrets are half-spoken and future plans formed as they discuss men and women, Americans and Israelis and life far away from home. As their personal stories unfold, the dramas of their marriage, family and personal life is revealed.

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