• Author: Riley Morgan
  • Language: English
  • Category: ילדים ונוער

Inky Makes New Friends

Your kids will sleep much better!

…and you will too…

Inky Ink is a small and cute splashy creature made out of ink. He is looking to make friends and playmates but gets rejected because he seems weird and dirty. The book follows Inky in his quest to make new friends and feel loved and accepted.

It's a cute, weirdly funny and socially sensitive tale of friendship

The author displays a unique understanding of the child’s mindset and masterfully weaves a tale that wisely deals with delicate issues about accepting differences and respecting others.

Original, cute and full of humor. You'll fall in love with Inky

"Inky Makes New Friends" is an original, captivating bedtime story. It helps to create the social skills that are lacking in our digital era. Full of cute characters and group activities, this story helps children wind down and gently eases them into sleep.

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