How 2 How: Design Methodology 4 Designers
  • Author: Erez Bahar
  • Language: English
  • Category: עסקים, עזרה עצמית והדרכה

How 2 How: Design Methodology 4 Designers

There are lots of design methodologies on how to do this or that.

Here is a new concept and model on How to How this or that.

How2How is the essential design methodology book that introduces the brand-new concept of Design Engineering, combining Design Thinking with Design Making. The How2How methodology guides readers through all stages of the design process: from abstract to an idea, and finally to a solution which suits a targeted audience in any design field or application for a designed purpose.

Combining the classic 5Ws with basic mathematical logic, How2How’s innovative formulas are the perfect tools for:

  • Design Industry professionals searching for the right mindset toolbox.
  • Design Academic teachers and lecturers looking for concise, encompassing teaching materials.
  • C-level executives looking to inspire and communicate with employees and bring their visions to fruition.
  • Design Students looking to make their first steps into creative thinking.

How2How is an integration of 25 years hands-on communication design experience with 15 years of head-on academic lecturing, workshopping, and syllabus writing. Tested and developed at the HiT Design Faculty, Visual Communication Department, the methodology was shown to improve students’ level of performance, as well as industry projects and OEM workshops.

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