Growing the Orchids
  • Author: Dr. Ofer Marbach
  • Language: English
  • Category: עסקים, עזרה עצמית והדרכה

Growing the Orchids

Some children are like orchids – sensitive, vulnerable and necessitating great investment, but their blossoming is the most beautiful and gratifying of all.

Quite a few children experience frustration and challenges within all of their frameworks – at school, in their homes and in their other surroundings. These children pose a much greater challenge than usual for adults, but this is only due to the fact that these adults have yet to find the right way to truly listen to the children’s distress and help them emerge victorious from all of their challenges.

Growing the Orchids is a unique book and a first-time presentation of an educational approach offering a combination of educational and therapeutic languages. The synergy created between the two languages enables conversing and progressive communication with children. The educational experience then becomes positive and respectful, and offers a sense of security for both children and adults.

The book contains various case studies as well as practical tools for coping with educational challenges. Dr. Ofer Marbach – PhD in social policies, school principal, lecturer and advisor with over twenty-five years’ experience of work in the field, out of which ten years spent running schools for special education and Montessori education – manages to touch upon important and urgent subjects in the field of education, all through a model enabling a different perspective on relationships within the classroom, school and family:

  • *How to cope with challenging situations at school and at home
  • *How to create a sense of security for the child and the adult
  • *How to build trust between faculty, children and their parents
  • *How to become a significant teacher

This book is suitable for everyone who has education running through their veins and wishes to become a significant factor in the beautiful blossoming process of children.

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