Granny Love’s Birthday
  • Author: Lea Ben Shlomo
  • Language: English
  • Category: ילדים ונוער

Granny Love’s Birthday

Betternot and his children’s repair shop transforms piles of useless junk into newly refurbished toys.

Cars chasing Bowalai like puppies, airplanes flying themselves, dolls’ eyes opening and closing, board games renewing themselves and receiving new instructions.

Betternot makes a magic stick, which he prepares to send as a present for Granny Love’s one hundredth birthday. The refurbished toys decide to throw her a party, but Ishtenem the pilot doll, ruins everyone’s plans.

In the fourth book of the Night Magic series we will get to know Betternot’s kids, each one of whom has been endowed with a special talent. We will also meet a cunning, colorful, unpredictable gypsy boy-doll who falls in love with the cook doll. An annoying horse that ends up being useful. A long stick that stretches and shrinks, hot air balloons and talking greeting cards. Unexpected events at every turn and a plethora of surprises.

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