Foods That Made History
  • Author: Rafael Agam
  • Language: English
  • Category: בישול ובריאות

Foods That Made History

On tonight’s menu: the real stories (and popular myths) behind the culinary world’s famous dishes!

Which poisonous soup saved the life of its inventor? What made a certain dough-based dish catch the eye of an Italian queen? And how did Napoleon Bonaparte’s infamous conquest forever change the European kitchen?

Over three decades of culinary expertise brought Paris-trained Chef Rafael Agam to frequently ponder the nature of the famous dishes he prepared. More often than not, his questions were left largely unanswered; As Agam puts it, “Historians of the past tended to focus on subjects more “important” than food – like war and famine to name a few.”

From the musky prison cells of the Isle of Man to turbulent Chinese dynasties and lavish French castles, Agam crosses centuries and continents to pen the history surrounding the big names behind fine dining’s most famous cuisines. Armed with a chef’s knife and intuition, Foods That Made History is a captivating, entertaining, highly satisfying full-course menu for foodies and history lovers alike.

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