Five Seasons in The Kitchen Avital sabag
  • Author: Avital Sabbag
  • Language: English
  • Category: בישול ובריאות

Five Seasons in The Kitchen

An exciting culinary journey along the paths of vegan cooking and Chinese Medicine.

Avital Sebbag, a vegan chef and certified practitioner of Chinese Medicine, inspires you to apply the five elements of the Chinese school in the kitchen. The result is a stunning variety of nutritious and delicious recipes inspired by Zen and ancient principles of nutrition.

Practical recipes for quality seasonal food.

Five Seasons in the Kitchen contains 75 dynamic and flexible recipes, open to change and creative variation. The readers are encouraged to experiment, substitute ingredients, explore the unique flavors of locally grown products and try alternative cooking methods – all for the sake of celebrating Mother Nature’s abundance in every season of the year.

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