Femicide by Arnon Edelstein


A deep dive into the true scale, causes, and potential solutions for women’s murders.

Intimate partner homicide. Wife killing. Domestic murder. No matter what we call it, Femicide is a global phenomenon that transcends nations and languages. Yet unlike other forms of violence, femicide occurs not among strangers – but between two intimately familiar partners, who often spent years sharing their lives, building a home, and raising a family.

In Femicide, renowned criminologist and sociology expert Arnon Edelstein breaks down the social and psychological aspects of intimate partner homicide. The culmination of years of research, Edelstein’s thorough analyses offer new theories on the triggers, motives, and psychological profiles of men convicted of femicide.

While challenging traditional methods and pathologies, Edelstein provides groundbreaking insights into the cultural and sociological theories behind a global epidemic of violence.

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