Dor or Die by Matan Nistor
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Do or Die: Transform Your Survival Instinct Into a Winner’s Mindset

From the bestselling decision-making guru comes the transformative guide on how to take critical action when failure is not an option.

Here is one inalienable truth in life that nobody seems to want to share with you: Eventually, everyone is going to die. That includes you. But that truth is vastly overrated; it’s not that we will die, or even how we die, that matters, but how we choose to live. Not many can decide how they will leave this world. But, we can all choose how we spend our time living in it. Why not choose what makes you happy, or satisfied, or even, heaven forbid, extraordinary?

What is stopping you from reaching your goals?

Do or Die is a wake-up call for an entire generation trapped in placidity, crippling anxiety, and inaction. Backed by a methodical system that has already encouraged thousands to get up and find their true potential, Do or Die makes the case that our success can only stem from our ability to disregard our primal survival instincts—designed to keep us from harm, failure, and, of course, death. Through well-crafted research, it provides you with the necessary tools to take action and control back from those who’d rather see you fail safely than succeed spectacularly. That means you, too.

If you want to:

  • Understand how your mind functions
  • Learn how to set and truly commit to the right goals
  • Enhance your social environment
  • Change your habits
  • Manage your time and your skills better

… then Do or Die is your real-talk, no-bullshit way of reevaluating your life, rebuilding your confidence, and becoming the best version of yourself. A version that does the work instead of simply dying.

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