Day use- Dalia rosenfeld
  • Author: Dalia Rosenfeld
  • Language: English
  • Category: רומנים, ספרות נשים

Day Use

A thrilling novel that presents the story of Dalia Raz, a successful ceramic artist who suddenly becomes a widow after her husband is killed by a mysterious explosion in the factory he worked in.

In her despair, following this disaster, she decides to change and rehabilitate her life. She turns her life upside down and opens a business for day use renting rooms by the hour for intimacy purposes.

At the same time, she begins to search for the truth regarding her husband’s death and investigates a series of explosions that took place in secret military facilities. She refuses to believe that the series of explosions is random and unconnected.

Funny, tragic and dramatic stories

Her new unorthodox job exposes her to a new, intriguing world. She collects funny, tragic and dramatic stories about her guests’ She writes about her experiences and publishes a book about them.

Her new fascinating life exposes the reader to amusing and even occasionally frightening stories.

Based on real life events

The book also sheds light on Israel’s nuclear secrets.

The ending is surprising and unpredictable.

The story is based on real life events; although the names have been changed to avoid invasion of privacy.

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