Cleo's ears - Yael Roseman
  • Author: Yael Roseman
  • Language: English
  • Category: ילדים ונוער

Cleo's Ears

This is the fourth book in a series that teaches children more about man's best friend – while also teaching them lessons they can apply in their own lives.

The lovable gang of dog pals – Bowie, Cleo, and Zaza – get a new visitor at the park.

A new dog, Spot, shows up at the park and everyone tries to impress him. Cleo immediately starts showing off her amazing ear tricks neither Bowie nor Zaza can do. She starts teasing Bowie about not being able to do them. She gets prouder and prouder of her ears and asks Spot if he wants to try doing her tricks. But then Spot asks Cleo if she would want to be just like him…

This book teaches children to be kind and considerate. It also teaches them that everyone is special in their own, unique way and that we should embrace our differences. The story also introduces children to the concept of bragging and how it can negatively affect others.

With wonderful, colorful illustrations and insights into friendship and love between dogs and humans, this book is surely going to become one of your child's favorite bedtime stories.

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