Cannabis Wars: The Incredible True Story of the Medical Cannabis Underground
  • Author: Tom Wegner
  • Language: English
  • Category: בישול ובריאות

Cannabis Wars: The Incredible True Story of the Medical Cannabis Underground

Instant crowdfunding success! • Hope and human compassion envelope this inspiring, eye-opening and heart wrenching true story exposing the systematic oppression and persecution of medicinal cannabis patients, and the group of underground “angels in disguise” fighting to bring the medicinal herb to those who need it most.

Early into his 40s, Tom Wegner received the one piece of news everybody fears; his father was diagnosed with cancer. Just like that, Wegner’s life course evaporated: One day he was living the life of a hotshot political campaigner, and the next he became the only caregiver for a terminal cancer patient.

The attempts to alleviate his father’s constant pain were Wegner’s first steps into the absurd, wonderful, mind-boggling world of medical cannabis. Cannabis Wars chronicles not only Wegner’s experiences with the medicinal herb, but the story of an entire movement that spurred out to fight for patients’ rights while facing bloody red tapes and stone-faced bureaucracy.

Dozens of activists, patients and professionals have shared their story and knowledge with Wegner’s book. From an underground movement of selfless angels to world-renowned doctors and researchers who sacrificed their names and livelihood for the good of others, Cannabis Wars gives a unique, never-seen-before glimpse into the medical world’s backyard: the draconic cannabis laws and their infuriating consequences, the special interest groups backing them, and the lives of those who are willing to pay a heavy price to help complete strangers in need.

Cannabis Wars gives a powerful voice to those previously unheard. Wegner pens the authentic story of a devoted community fighting for its very existence – men and women, cancer and epilepsy patients, parents of children on the autistic spectrum, pain syndromes patients, PTSD and shell-shocked veterans, and their awe-inspiring selflessness in the face of impossible circumstances.

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