Broken to Perfection
  • Author: Dafna Cohen
  • Language: English
  • Category: סיפורת

Broken to Perfection

Talia and Max’s marriage is a picture of domestic bliss. They have a beautiful home, two wonderful children, promising careers. So why can’t she shake the relentless feeling that something is missing?

On a whim, Talia takes off for Paris, leaving Max behind. She hopes to clear her head and find some clarity, is perhaps even tempted to test the boundaries of her marriage. Paris promises adventure, excitement, a long-overdue break from her stifling routine.

But the cobbled streets and quaint cafés of the most romantic city in the world only add to her confusion. Whirlwind affairs and a shocking rendezvous with a lover from the past leave Talia wondering – what does she really want out of life? Can she reconcile with her husband and go back to how things used to be?

Does she even want to?

Dafna Cohen's debut novel is unafraid to show its heroes and readers that life – love – is most beautiful when broken.

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