Broken Lands

Broken Lands

One woman is willing to do anything to make a real change

Even after the long-awaited establishment of a Palestinian State, Israel and Palestine are still entwined in conflicts and suffer from violence on a daily basis. The brutality and oppression against the Palestinians by their own governing bodies continue to exist.

Jezabilah is a widowed Palestinian freedom fighter moving up the ranks of Inkasar; the Palestinian anti-government organization. She isn't prepared to let her people continue their suffering and is ready to risk everything to give them the life they truly deserve, even her own life.

Is there something else, deep in her soul, that is keeping her spirited resolve aflame?

Her help comes from an unexpected source.

Yair is a high-ranking Israeli agent in charge of anti-terrorist activities and special operations whose professionalism is affected by his love for Jezabilah.

In the hottest political spot in the world, two agents, from separate camps, share the same cause. Will they succeed to make a real change in the most complicated place in the world?

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