Beneath the Winds of War
  • Author: Pola Wawer
  • Language: English
  • Category: ביוגרפיה, יהדות, שואה

Beneath the Winds of War

They took her husband. They destroyed her home. But they can’t break her spirit.

1941, Lithuania. Newlywed Pola is on the cusp of a promising medical career when her beloved home city of Vilnius is invaded overnight by Nazi forces. Within hours, her husband has vanished, taken by the Gestapo, and she is forced to escape – without him.

Heartbroken and terrified, Pola runs to the once picturesque, now tainted by war, countryside towns in seek of refuge. Alone and never quite knowing who she can trust and who might betray her, Pola must rely on the kindness of strangers – and her own resourcefulness – if she wants to survive.

Based on the incredible true story of a young woman caught in the horrors of the Holocaust, Beneath the Winds of War tells a tale of incredible strength of spirit, and above all, one woman’s courage and determination to survive against the odds.

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