Back From Berlin
  • Author: Yossi Uzrad
  • Language: English
  • Category: סיפורת

Back From Berlin

You may leave home.

But home will never leave you.

Uri Dolev is a shy young man brought up in a strict, spartan educational system. Born in Germany, his parents, who managed to save themselves from the horrors of the Holocaust, are cold individuals who display few emotions.

A moment before being drafted into the military, Uri’s heart is in for a huge disappointment, when Nurit, his great love since adolescence, leaves unexpectedly and moves to Sweden.

Uri tries to leave everything behind when he joins the army, rising to become a valued combat officer.

However, a major case of espionage shakes his life to the core and sends him on a journey of soul-searching, to the exact place where his family experienced the most terrible of all tragedies.

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