Adaptive Teaching
  • Author: Dr. Gilat Trabelsi
  • Language: English
  • Category: עסקים, עזרה עצמית והדרכה

Adaptive Teaching

Adaptive teaching does not endeavor to “fix” anything, because no one is broken. Its purpose is to accommodate education so that it is suited to all students, in light of goals, needs, and characters.

When educators are asked about inclusion and acceptance of all students, their honest response is that inclusion is an important part of the educational assignment, but the understanding of how to apply such a concept to the classroom is often lacking and considered the domain of special education teachers alone.

However, as social and educational awareness to this issue grows, winds of change are blowing. Educators must adapt their strategies and approaches, their methods and means to the needs and singularity of each of their students.

Adaptive Teaching offers a new, relevant, realistic approach to inclusive education. It includes both theory and practical tools, but is dependent on educators’ willingness to contemplate themselves through this new attitude and adapt themselves to their students’ needs and today’s educational reality.

Dr. Gilat Trabelsi is a researcher, educational counselor, and senior teacher training expert. In her book, she shares crucial information that will help educators:

*Reduce the anxiety surrounding the demands of adaptive teaching

*Form awareness and opinions regarding adaptive teaching as a worldview

*Learn how to design functions and skills in all fields of knowledge, based on accumulative experience

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