A Room of Their Own

A Room of Their Own

You can try and escape your past, but it will always catch up to you in the end.

Rotem, a social worker and single mother, has spent the majority of her life dealing with other people’s pasts while trying to forget her own.

But when she meets Dani Friedman, a young woman in her twenties who is on the fast track to starving herself to death, a special bond of shared fate develops between them.

Years have gone by since the trauma that scarred Dani for life, but the more time goes by the worse she gets. Dani’s intensive sessions with Rotem bring to the surface childhood memories that help them to slowly unravel the history of cruel sexual abuse that Dani suffered from for years.

These disturbing memories make Dani want to end her own life and be free of the demons that haunt her, but Rotem refuses to give her up without a fight. She stands by her side, trying to help her heal her broken soul. Dani knows that to move on with her life, she must find the courage to face, for the first time, the secrets of her past that refuse to let her be.

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