A Long Way to Auschwitz
  • Author: Simon H. Kohavi
  • Language: English
  • Category: ביוגרפיה, יהדות, שואה

A Long Way to Auschwitz

His road leads to the place of nightmares. But will that stop be his last?

Hungary, 1939. Like most Hungarian Jews during the onset of World War II, Shomo Stern is sent to the front lines with the Forced Labor Services – to be worked to death under the thumb of the Nazi war machine. Fighting the bitter European winter, the battalions witness horrific events in the wake of the Nazi advance.

Then the rumors start. Rumors of trains packed full of Jews, never to be seen again…

Shomo will not let that be his fate.

While other Forced Labor battalions are decimated, Stern and his comrades survive crippling hunger, blistering cold, and impossible tasks. With nothing but his courage, ingenuity, and no small amount of luck, Shomo fights time and time again for his life and his freedom. But his road ultimately only leads him one way.

He survived the long way to Auschwitz. But can he survive the horrors it hides?

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