A Cake for Christmas
  • Author: אורית רז
  • Language: English
  • Category: ילדים ונוער

A Cake for Christmas

he perfect Christmas book for children by an Andersen Honour List author

In anticipation of the Christmas holidays, Ashley bakes her family a chocolate cake decorated with candy, whipped cream, and nuts.

One after the other, her two brothers and sister walk into the kitchen alone, each one craving a piece of the cake. After eating it, each child leaves a note with their wishes for the other members of the household.

By the time their parents return home bringing a Christmas surprise of their own, not a trace of the cake is left. All that’s waiting for them on the table are four notes with touching messages.

The parents were so happy: not one of their children had forgotten to prepare Christmas blessing.

During the Christmas celebration the parents are amazed to discover than none of the children are hungry…

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