5th Floor Below- Menahem Misgav
  • Author: Menahem Misgav
  • Language: English
  • Category: מתח, מסתורין, פשע

5th Floor Below

Could Israeli scientists have stumbled upon the secret to eternal life?

In a highly secured research facility atop Mount Carmel in Haifa, a group of military scientists is involved in space research. Captain Dr. Naama Kashti, a beautiful young Israeli physicist, is exposed to an unknown substance that made her body undergo very lengthy life cycles during a short period of time. Thus begins a futuristic drama about discovering the formula for both the fountain of youth and the well of desolation. Can this heavenly spark assure its possessor eternal life?

The world is shaken to the core by the stunning possibilities and perils

The dramatic secret shakes the foundations of government and is leaked to the international media. Intelligence agencies of the superpowers send greedy fingers to Israel in order to extract fragments of information discovered on Mount Carmel. The Vatican is horrified by the possibility of eternal life that was not given by divine providence. This futuristic science novel is replete with theological explorations of truth, scandalous probing of human nature, and romantic fortitude alongside cynical promiscuity.

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