Rakefet Hadar

רקפת הדר

Rakefet Hadar lives in Israel and works as an Art Therapist with children and adults. The most powerful tool she offers her clients Visual journey Journaling.

Rakefet's discovery of Art Journaling a few years ago changed her life. From a very young age she painted, sketched, and created works of art, however, as she grew up, the joy this pastime used to give her waned.

A few years ago, one of her friends brought with her an altered book, and Rakefet was hooked instantly. She went online, found a tutorial on how to make her own altered book, and that was the beginning…

Art Journaling and the mixed media language restored in her the joy she once felt in the creation of art. She believes it can be soul-healing, and has certainly helped her through difficult periods in her life. As a teacher–she sees the same results in her students and clients.

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