Ruth Tel-Tsur

רות תל-צור

Ruth Tel-Tsur was born in Israel in 1935 and grew up in Afikim, a "kibuts" in the Jordan Valley. Although she had a pleasant childhood, she was always aware of the suffering around her. Little did she know then that later on she herself will be exposed to a great tragedy.

At the age of 32, she was diagnosed with cancer. To make matters worse, while going through surgical procedures and receiving radiation treatment, she had to deal with the bitter news of the sudden death of her husband.

As fragile as she was, she found herself having to simultaneously confront the death of her husband together with the possibility of her own death. She knew then that she had to find ways to live -not just survive. As a young widow with two small children, she began her long journey towards widening her understandings.

She studied psychology and graduated as a clinical psychologist at Tel-Aviv University. But this alone was not enough for her. She continued to learn and seek ways to cease misery, sorrow and agony, and to be wealthy and happy.
Her book "Moonlight – Transformation of knowledge" sums up her new understandings. The book is written in a simple and pleasurable way so that every reader can enjoy and benefit from it.

Today, Tel-Tsur lives and works in Tel-Aviv. She enjoys spending time with her two lovely sons and their families, which include her six wonderful grand children. Tel-Tsur also happily runs a successful private clinic.
Tel-Tsur continues to write and publish books. Her charming picture-book for young children is soon to be available on Amazon.

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