Dov Nardimon

דב נרדימון

Dov Nardimon, (born 1947 married+5).LIEUTENANT COLONEL(res.) served in SPECIAL AIR BORN COMBAT squads and in INTELLIGENCE units as well as AIR MARSHAL. Graduated as an Industrial engineer (MSc.). Senior manager, chairman, and director in various Israeli High-tech industrial companies.His first book Mossad agent Cobra, a fictional and imaginative espionage novel. Written at the end of the nineties it prophesied the catastrophe of the September 11 attacks and exposed the reality of world Jihad years before it happened.

Dov Nardimon's new book HI-TECH HIJACK unveils the ugly side of the Hi-tech start-up industry. This suspense and terror book is a work of fiction but the author's vast experience as a manager in this industry is reflected between the pages of his new thriller

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