The Adventures of Bonny Hood in the Urban Desert
  • Author: Yossi Ovadia
  • Language: English
  • Category: Literary Fiction

The Adventures of Bonny Hood in the Urban Desert

A modern classic that sails between childhood and adulthood, praised by bestselling author Galila Ron-Feder as “wonderful and pleasantly original.

As a boy, Bonny Hood wandered the streets of his hometown, pursuing the villains of an imaginary world. Seeking escape from a broken home and the harsh reality of real life, he saw himself as the brave hero of his own story, out to save the world – though he felt he had no one to save him.

As an adult, Bonny’s yearning to escape to a world of his own and find peace from the childhood traumas that plague him, leads him to the relative quiet of the desert. But a chance encounter with a stranger causes him to wonder – can peace truly be gained among the silent desert sands, or does it reside deep within, just waiting to be found?

Bonny’s adventures merge the urban with the rural, fantasy with truth, and the naïveté of childhood with the unforgiving reality of adulthood. In gentle prose and thoughtful reflection, author Yossi Ovadia weaves a whimsical tale you won’t be able to resist.

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