Translating & Editing

We specialize in translating books from Hebrew to English. Our translators are versed in a variety of genres and are native English speakers. The team is led by an expert in the field of translation and editing.

Choosing a Translator

After a manuscript has been accepted for publication, our Editor-in-Chief chooses a translator for the project. A translation sample is submitted to the author for approval. Translators are matched with books according to the following criteria:

  • Experience in the book’s genre
  • Experience with the writing style and the potential readership
  • Knowledge of the book’s subject (non-fiction)
  • Availability

We strive to create a good match for the material and for the author, so that working together will be pleasant and productive for the author.

Translation Process

Once the translation process begins, it continues until the book has been completed and the English version is ready for language editing. Our Editor-in-Chief oversees the work, guaranteeing quality, productive communication, and professionalism, as well as keeping the work on schedule.

The author is actively involved in the process; giving feedback  the translator can incorporate in the work.

Calculating the Cost of Translation

The cost of translation is based on the amount of words in the original text and projected amount of words in the target language (for English an added 30%-50%).

Also taken into account when calculating cost is the language (slang, biblical connotations or language, poetry) and for academic books, the field of work or expertise ( use of  terms etc., graphs and tables, etc..). Some books call for the services of translators specializing in a specific field.

Language Editing

We provide language editing services for books we translate and books that have been written in English. Our editors are American professionals overseen by our Editor-in-Chief, who provides the author with material ready for publication. If the editor has questions or comments for the author regarding content, the material will be reviewed and revised accordingly, together with the author.

Editing is essential for each and every book. Even an interesting and well written book can contain typos, grammatical mistakes or mishaps in continuity, all of which can result in negative feedback from readers and poor sales.

Each book needs a customized edit, in correlation to style, content, genre and targeted readership. We specialize in choosing the appropriate level of editing for each book, suited to marketing the book internationally.

Editing Categories

  • Proofreading – checks for typos, punctuation, grammar and correct syntax
  • Copyediting –  checks for typos, punctuation, grammar and correct syntax. Offers new options for passages that are convoluted or unclear, checks for unity and best wording, while remaining faithful to the author’s style
  • Literary editing –  improvement of the book’s set-up, character development and wording, as well as checking for typos, punctuation and correct syntax
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